Solitaire Card Game

24/7 Halloween Solitaire is an online Flash game that lets players test their skills at Solitaire. The Halloween theme was set up especially for the holiday, giving this normally unassuming game a little spooktacular look.


Title: Solitaire
Developer: 24/7 Games
Mode: Single Player
Platforms: Browser

If you can't play Solitaire, you don't deserve to own a pack of cards. This easy-to-play game has been a household and casino favorite for centuries, so if you don't know how to play, now's the time to learn!

As we've said, Solitaire is really easy to play. You basically stack the cards in descending order with rotating colors. There will be 21 cards face down at the beginning of the game plus the ones face down in the deck. Seven face up cards are dealt on top of each stack of face down cards to form the start of seven rows. Four spaces are allotted above the seven rows so that players may begin to stack the cards in ascending order according to suit, starting with the Ace. The player wins when all cards have been sorted into the four slots.

To begin, the player can either draw from the deck or make a move with the face up cards already present. In some variations of Solitaire, the player can go through the deck only once. In most online games, however, the player can go through the deck as many times as needed. In 24/7 Halloween Solitaire, players are given the option to either draw one or three cards at a time. Players can turn sound effects on or off, but most leave them on since the only noise you hear is the flipping of cards.

The cards must be stacked in descending order when in the rows. Colors must alternate; for example, if you can move a 9 to the next spot down from a 10 in another row, the 9 must be the opposite color of that ten, and so on and so forth down the numerical chain (this can be done even if several other descending cards are attached to the 9, etc.). When a card becomes available to put in the upper ascending slots, the player must consider whether he or she will need the card they want to move later on. Should they need that card after they've placed another ascending card on top of it, they may be in some trouble if they have no other moves left.

There's nothing particularly extraordinary about this version of Solitaire other than the decorations. Players are given the opportunity to play other versions of Solitaire, such as Freecell, Spider Solitaire and a few more, but the classic Solitaire game remains as casual as it ever was. The graphics are fairly plain without being too boring. This makes the game ideal for those with slower internet speeds, as their computers won't have to catch up with flashy graphics. All in all, it's a good way to kill time.